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1952 Coffee



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Relish in the grandeur and opulence of Monsoon Malabar 100% Coffee. A luxurious offering sourced directly from the verdant, rain-soaked hills of the Malabar Coast, this premium coffee powder is the embodiment of indulgence for coffee aficionados. The beans are subjected to an age-old monsooning technique, a process that enhances their robust flavor profile and aromatic allure, delivering a cup of coffee that is as bold as it is velvety.

Every sip is a chance to taste nature's finest work, an intricate symphony of flavors perfectly balanced to beguile your taste buds. The flavor journey starts with initial notes of dark chocolate and tropical spices, evolves to capture the subtle earthy tones of the Malabar soil, and ends with a smooth, winey finish that is characteristic of this distinctive coffee.

Experience coffee in its most sublime form, with each brew whispering tales of the ancient coastal monsoons, reflecting the essence of the land and its rich heritage. Dive into the ocean of sensory delight with Monsoon Malabar 100% Coffee and relish the pure ecstasy of uncompromised coffee pleasure. Let the exotic essence of Monsoon Malabar elevate your coffee experience, making it a moment to savor, a moment of pure coffee bliss.
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