About Us

About Us

Situated in the verdant landscapes of Chikmagaluru, "1952 Coffee" is a well-established name in the global coffee industry. Initiated by the coffee enthusiast, Mr. M K Srinivas Shetty, and later managed by Mr. M S Jayaram, the business today thrives under the third-generation leadership of Mr. Sahadev and Mrs. Dimple Sahadev. They continue to nurture and diversify this heritage-rich coffee brand.

Central to "1952 Coffee" is the commitment to offering not merely premium coffee but an all-encompassing coffee experience. Their unique coffee tasting center, "The World of Coffee," is a notable attraction for coffee connoisseurs in Chikmagaluru. Visitors gain an immersive experience, delving into the fascinating world of coffee cultivation, its rich history, and the unique heritage of "1952 Coffee."

The devoted team at "1952 Coffee" is committed to empowering growth within coffee-dependent communities. They hold a firm belief in contributing back to the society that supports them, and working towards enhancing living standards via their ethical business practices. It's their blend of coffee production and social responsibility that sets "1952 Coffee" apart as a trusted name in the international coffee scene.

"1952 Coffee" epitomizes a tradition of excellence, a spirit of innovation, and a pledge to social responsibility. They don't just sell coffee; they build relationships. So, whether you're a coffee enthusiast eager to delve into the enchanting world of coffee, a connoisseur searching for high-quality coffee, or a responsible consumer wanting to support ethical enterprises, "1952 Coffee" is your destination of choice.

With their expanding presence and continually evolving services, "1952 Coffee" is all poised to revolutionize the global coffee landscape. Experience the deep, lingering aroma and delightful taste of coffee at "1952 Coffee," where every sip narraAAKCCtes a tale. It's more than just a cup of coffee; it's a heritage, a community, and a commitment.

Our Vision

"Our vision is to lead a coffee revolution in India and beyond as the world's foremost innovator in digital beverage technology and robotics. We aspire to transform every Indian into a coffee lover by integrating our advanced robotics into our coffee manufacturing processes, distribution chains, and our expanding network of smart coffee shops. We strive to deliver each cup with precision, consistency, and the passion for coffee that blends tradition with cutting-edge technology. Our commitment is to set a new global standard for sustainable, technologically-advanced coffee experiences while cultivating a deep love for coffee in India. We are not just making a cup of coffee; we are crafting a new tradition, one cup at a time."


Our Business Information: 
Company name: Coffee Addict pvt ltd
Email: enquiry@1952coffee.com
Address: jnana deepa little flower school,85, arham enclave, shareef street, Jyothi nagar, chikkamagalur,karanataka, 577101
Contact Number: 8088060108